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Is cheerleading a sport?

Arzhane Howard, Staff writer
October 24, 2013 •

Is cheerleading a sport? Well let’s start with what is a sport. A sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. According to tenth grade competition cheerleader Morgan Ferguson “yes it is it’s a lot of hard work” While senior Elijah argues” heck no! no it’s not a sport” because “it’s not physical”

            Competition cheerleading is Cheerleading that is not on the sidelines cheering on a sports team, but its own independent sport. Competitions are held to judge teams on things such as their tumbling (gymnastics) and stunting abilities. Much training and a higher skill level is imperative to succeed at competitive cheerleading. This fantastical sport has uniforms, teams, judges, rules, regulations, required skills, couches, professional teams and even their own league which by the way are all the same things football, basketball, soccer and any other major sports have.

             When I asked Elijah if he thought he could be a cheerleader he responded” yeah, anyone can do it I am flexible, strong and big.” He then proceeded to do an actual split or at least attempted.  He has a funny idea of a split. Needless to say he can’t even do a split thus proving that some level of skill is required to ba a cheerleader. Even though he failed to do the split he still refused to admit he didn’t have the skill or legs to be a cheerleader However Morgan wont hesitate to tell you how rigerous and dangerous the sport is. She has admited to getting hurt on the job. A little known fact about cheerleading is tat is the largest cause of sports injuries in females.

            A common misconseption about cheerrleading is that it’s a bunch of screaming girls on the sidelines cheering for a sports team. This is one of the reasons people normally don’t see it as a sport because all the see is them cheering for another sport.In actuallity it’s a coordinated rutiane. And people offten thinkbecause they cheer for the main attractions they themselves arent athleats. Many confuse competative cheer with sideline cheer. Sideline is not considered a sport while competivte cheering is which from this paper I proved exactly.

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